Swirl Quiz

Beauty school dropouts, go back to wine school

Put your North Bay wine knowledge to the test with Swirl’s back to school wine quiz—we told you this was going to be for the test, didn’t we?

1. Where is Zinfandel native to?

A) California, where early Spanish makers of sacramental wine called it “Mission”

B) Italy, where it’s called Primitivo

C) Austria, where it’s called Zierfandler

D) Croatia, where it’s called Crljenak Kaštelanski

2. The slang term “Waukesha jockeys,” found only in “Swirl,” refers to winery workers and:

A) A cooperage that makes American oak wine barrels

B) A manufacturer of wine presses

C) A widely used wine pump

D) A brand of ATV commonly used to ride around vineyards

3. Which of these is not a wine made by Bolinas winemaker
Sean Thackrey?

A) Pleiades

B) Sirius

C) Perseus

D) Fifi

4. Which of these North Coast sparkling wines featured in President Nixon’s 1972 trip to China?

A) Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs

B) Iron Horse Chinese Cuvée

C) Korbel California Champagne

D) Hanns Kornell Rouge

5. St. George is which of these:

A) Another name for Zinfandel

B) A phylloxera-resistant root stock native to France

C) Rupestris

D) The patron saint of Waukesha jockeys

6. Charbono is also known as:

A) Bonarda

B) Barolo

C) Berlandieri

D) Boffo

7. When you find yourself amid Baccarat crystal skulls and mannequins dressed in club/bondage attire, you are in a tasting room decorated by:

A) Francis Ford Coppola

B) Jean-Charles Boisset

C) Treasury Wine Estates

D) Jean-Charles Shaw

8. Who is the real Charles Shaw?

A) The founder of the second-oldest winery in Napa, he was Charles Krug’s brother-in-law

B) An English nobleman who went bust prospecting for gold in the Napa River in the 1850s

C) A businessman who dreamed of making Beaujolais-style wine in Napa

D) Nobody, just a name made up by Fred Franzia to sell $2 wine at Trader Joe’s


1: D (Primitivo came from there, also) 2: C 3: C 4: A 5: C
6: A 7: B 8: C

7–8 points, Bohemian Rhapsody; 5–6 points, La Bohéme; 3–4 points, jaunty beret; 2 points or less, Pinot Grigio