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Littlefour clothing banks on Sebastopol vibe to attract hip moms and dads

The eateries and wineries came first. Then came the women’s boutiques. Now there’s Littlefour, a new store in Sebastopol’s Barlow center that’s brimming with colorful children’s clothing and accessories.

Owner Danielle Rodrigues, 36, has been designing women’s and children’s clothing for most of her life. She began her career in San Francisco, then relocated to Vallejo where cheaper rent allowed her to create a live-work studio and storefront called Littlefour. She recently moved to Sebastopol to open Littlefour’s flagship store and be part of the community. As newcomer, she exhibits wide-eyed infatuation with Sebastopol.

“I came for the day and immediately fell in love with the town and what the Barlow was doing,” she says. “After some online sleuthing, I learned that a big chunk of the businesses in the Barlow are women-owned and operated, and that just made me want to be part of it even more.”

The Vallejo store still exists, but Sonoma County is now Rodrigues’ home. She got her start selling designs on Etsy and aims to dress children in her signature prints and styles.

“I solely made women’s clothing for years and found myself with tons of scrap fabric that I loved too much to get rid of. Children’s clothing seemed like a no-brainer for these scraps. I listed a few things on Etsy and it just took off.”

The store’s current children’s clothing selection includes colorful headbands, tiny harem pants and bloomers, and dresses and beanies that all feature original graphic prints, some of them drawing on ikat and Navajo designs.

“Kids are way more fun to dress,” she says. “They are more open to taking chances than adults.”

In addition to her own line, Rodrigues carries clothing and accessories with a playful, tongue-in-cheek vibe for the sophisticated mom and dad.

Located in one of the Barlow’s most remote corners, Littlefour feels spacious and a little empty. That might be intentional.

“I don’t want Littlefour to be just another boutique,” says Rodrigues. “I want to eventually host classes and workshops by local artist, host pop-ups featuring our designers and have monthly movie nights. I want it to be a fun place to hang out in, learn some things, and hopefully you’ll leave feeling inspired.”

With the recent influx of San Francisco transplants into Sebastopol’s already bohemian scene, a crowd of stylish parents and their offspring is almost guaranteed.

“There is a definite need for something a little more young, hip and fresh,” she says of Sebastopol’s emerging fashion scene. “Sebastopol has great vintage stores, a couple of very stylish boutiques and options for the older population, but not for the younger crowd.”

Littlefour, 120 Morris St., Sebastopol, Ste. 100. 707.861.9886.


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