Polio Grounds

Abraham Entin expounds about the pernicious pharmaceutical industry, but his real goal is to defend the anti-vaxxers (Letters, Sept. 11). Big Pharma, which I despise, makes virtually nothing on vaccines. “Of course vaccines work in the short run.” Abe old chap, you know any polio victims? I did. My mother contracted polio in 1954 in a hospital giving birth to my little sis. She survived, wearing a leg brace and paralyzed on one side, until she passed due to post-polio complications at age 65. Tell ME about side effects. You don’t want to vaccinate your kids? Fine—but keep them away from my kids.


Russia Hoax

The article by Chris Rooney (“Divisive Data,” Sept. 11) suggested that Russia, through “RT America,” was trying to sow division in the U.S. by casting doubts about the safety of 5G technology. Besides getting several paragraphs in the text, you chose to add a subtitle that featured “reports of health risks associated with 5G linked to Russians.”

It may just be my aging memory, but in my five years or so of following RT on a more-than-daily basis I cannot recall ever reading a negative article about 5G. In fact, since the U.S. has been trying to ban sales of Huawei’s 5G technology internationally, and given Russia’s general support of all things Chinese, RT tends to have articles slanted in favor of 5G.

I use the RT android app on my cell phone and look at it several times a day, finding it a refreshing antidote to the spin of sites such as The Guardian, NPR and Democracy Now. As far as their coverage of the U.S. goes, they seem to favor Republicans more than Democrats, I think not because of a plan to sow dissent but because they tend to favor what they think of as

“traditional Western values.” I sometimes find that annoying, but, since my news otherwise comes from Democracy Now and other KPFA programs, as well as NPR and Bill Maher, I like to hear the “other side” also, and I very much enjoy their great coverage of international news, which gets short shrift in most American news.


I was amused by the Chris Rooney article on 5G. He correctly cites that the 10,000-plus studies, including the gold-standard, $30 million, tax-dollar-funded NTP study done recently, apparently aren’t good enough in the eyes of the FDA, FCC or many courts, though it’s curious that the richest cities like Hillsborough, Belvedere, Los Altos, etc., seem to be able to sidestep Uncle Sham’s plans for more and more wireless coverage. Apparently, we’re in a race with the Chinese. . . .

There are over 100 cell-tower sites under contract for installation in Santa Rosa. Want to do something about having a cell phone tower planted in front of your house, or your child’s school? Contact your lawmakers before it’s too late. Sonoma County for Responsible Technology has a list of current and future cell tower installations. https://www.facebook.com/groups/431787887408649/

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