October 8: Drumline Live at the Marin Center

It’s a time-honored tradition with barbecue, pop music, hair salons and now, college marching bands: if you send it to Atlanta, it’s gonna come back with 10 times as much style. To be immersed in the flair and flash of the modern hip-hop-flavored drum cadence, the only thing more riveting than renting Drumline and watching it on a surround-sound system is heading to San Rafael this weekend to see the real thing live and onstage. Drumline Live promises a flamboyantly choreographed production with over 40 drummers, dancing and drumming their way through modern R&B, pop and rap songs and classic Motown and Stax hits. With incredible rhythms and a seemingly bottomless well of energy, Drumline Live beats ’em all on Friday, Oct. 8, at the Marin Center. 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael. 8pm. $20–$45. 415.499.6800.

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