.Gabe Meline

Jan 29, 2014

Goodbye, Farewell & Amen

There's no simple way to say this, so I'll just spit it out: This is my last issue as the editor of the Bohemian. The...
Jan 29, 2014


With the proliferation of smartphones, there are now an estimated 4,000 photos taken each second in the United States. Approximately 3,900 of them suck....
Jan 29, 2014

Smarter Farming

Ah, TED Talks, thy shadow is everywhere. This week, the sustainable agriculture scene rips a frame from the YouTube sensation's playbook in a speaker...
Jan 22, 2014

A Dab o’ Crab

The bib, the lemon, the fork, the stringy sea-flesh of unusual texture—ah, yes, it's still crab season here along the coast. And though crab...
Jan 21, 2014

Jan. 25: Howard Vlieger at the Sebastopol Grange

Politicians love to talk about the plight of the “American farmer,” but what they’re usually referring to are factory-farming corporations. Third-generation Iowa farmer Howard...
Jan 21, 2014

Jan. 24: Tim Flannery at Sweetwater Music Hall

Whenever I’m blue in the off-season, I cue up the video of Angel Pagan, in May 2013, hitting a walk-off, inside-the-park home run in...
Jan 21, 2014

Jan. 23: San Francisco Symphony at the Green Music Center

The Green Music Center is usually home to the Santa Rosa Symphony, but this week sees two visiting outfits. On Thursday, Jan. 23, the...
Jan 21, 2014

Jan. 22: Olivia Laing at Book Passage

Ernest Hemingway. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Tennessee Williams, John Berryman, John Cheever. Raymond friggin’ Carver. What do these authors have in common? (“They were all...