May 1: Sonic Bloom Orchestra at Silo’s Jazz Club

For the past four years, Jason Nett has served as composer-in-residence for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, writing modern classical pieces that aren’t “modern classical.” In other words, they contain melody and structure. In Vancouver, Nett often showcased his works in small theaters, and he’s getting even more intimate for his show in Napa this weekend. Influenced largely by rock music, Nett’s Sonic Bloom Orchestra (not to be confused with the Sonoma County hip-hop group Sonicbloom) is a chamber-music ensemble far more suited to nightclubs than the stuffy concert stage. Nett, a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums and guitar, calls Silo’s “the perfect venue” where “the intimacy of the room allows the audience to sit just feet away from the players.” After dabbling in symphony, opera and choral work, Nett’s success in chamber music should prove a foregone conclusion. See his up close and personal on Saturday, May 1, at Silo’s Jazz Club, 530 Main St., Napa. 8pm. $35. 707.251.5833.Gabe Meline