May 2: Mostly Python II at the Toad in the Hole

Admit it. You know every line of the dead parrot sketch. You can sing every word of “The Lumberjack Song.” You have mastered all the silly walks, wink-winked and nudge-nudged total strangers in public, and seriously considered opening an argument clinic in your hometown. Thus, get thee hence to the grand and glorious Mostly Python II, a celebration of all things Monty Python to take place at, on and around the Toad in the Hole Pub this Saturday. While the street in front of the pub is shut down to the general silliness at hand, participants can drink ale from “Holy Grails” while watching actors/rabid fans/obsessed nutcases replay famous scenes from the furiously funny British comedy troupe. Live music comes in the form of the Crux, Brothers Horse, Crazy Famous, Steve Pile and others. Feel free to bring along a can of Spam, and be sure to yell “bicycle repairman!” if Jeremy Sycip pokes his head out from his frame-building shop across the street when Sousa’s “Liberty Bell” chimes in the festival on Sunday, May 2, at the Toad in the Hole. 116 Fifth St., Santa Rosa. Noon–6pm. Free. 707.544.8623.Gabe Meline

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