April 30: Mistah F.A.B. at the 19 Broadway Niteclub

Mistah F.A.B., the Oakland rapper who is poised to outlast any trend the Bay Area might happen to throw his way, is serving quite the test of patience. After the release of Da Baydestrian, in 2007. F.A.B. still has yet to see the release of his Atlantic Records debut. The frustration is compounded in part by a copyright claim by Columbia Pictures and a longtime personal beef with KMEL’s music director. But anyone on the streets knows that F.A.B. is the real deal—a smart, articulate rapper whose freestyle abilities are matched by his charity work and community outreach in the East Bay. If you can forgive his recent misstep “Hit Me on Twitter”—a trending track basically jacked from The-Dream’s “I Luv Your Girl”—F.A.B.’s got an arsenal of bulletproof hits. Hear “N.E.W. Oakland,” “Super Sic Wit It,” “Ghost Ride It” and “Slappin’ in the Trunk” when Mistah F.A.B. hits the stage on Friday, April 30, at 19 Broadway Niteclub. 19 Broadway, Fairfax. 9pm. $25. 415.459.1091.Gabe Meline