April 30: Masquerade Ball at the North Bay Film and Art Collective

The North Bay Film and Art Collective is on everyone’s lips these days, and usually it’s not because of film or art, but music! That’s the case this weekend when Brothers Horse and theIditarod play a Masquerade Ball featuring the artwork of Joe Leonard and Ruth Alison Donovan. The NBFAC has been tossed around as a possible site for the soon-to-be-homeless Rialto Cinemas, but don’t hold your breath—the owners of the building plan to rename it the Arlene Francis Foundation’s Center for Spirit, Art and Politics. “The Center’s activities,” reads the mission statement, “reflect a vision of social change based on the idea that we must create a ‘Parallel Universe’ to the current society, within the current society, that can begin to pre-figure the world that we wish to bring into existence, and by the hope and positive force that we ourselves generate, draw others to our work and serve to inspire others to create similar efforts.” Whew! Before the big change, whenever it may come, get there for the Masquerade Ball on Friday, April 30, at the North Bay Film and Art Collective. 99 Sixth St., Santa Rosa. 7pm. $7 with costume; $10 without. www.myspace.com/northbayfac.Gabe Meline

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