Letters to the Editor: September 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor: September 3, 2013

The Book of Right-On

The Green Center was wise to bring Rick Bartalini on board. He is a talented, innovative, true professional who will bring a whole new level of excitement to this beautiful venue!


Bridges & Balloons

It’s typical of Caltrans and the MTC, throwing themselves an elitist invitation-only party to celebrate the new Bay Bridge. These are the same fools who helped drive up the costs from $1.6 billion to $6.4 billion and delayed the construction all these years. Notice that the public who paid for the bridge and the rank and file workers who built it were not invited.


Inflammatory Writ

President Barack Obama has threatened to bomb targets in Syria because Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad has used illegal chemical weapons on civilians. The Peace & Justice Center is taking a stand against military intervention, because we believe that violence begets violence. Others are calling for U.N. verification of the Syrian government’s role in the massacre. We are against bombing even if there is verification. Others are saying that a bombing cannot take place without congressional consent. We are against bombing even if there is congressional consent.

Of course, the Peace & Justice Center cares whether President Obama commits the “supreme international crime,” established since Nuremberg, if the United States bombs Syria without U.N. approval. Of course, we care whether President Obama violates Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution. But we also believe firmly that killing always begets more killing.

We also believe that the United States has no moral grounds for this action in light of its use of the atom bomb, Agent Orange, white phosphorous, napalm, depleted uranium, landmines and cluster bombs. In fact, the Uniated States refuses to sign treaties banning some of these weapons. As for chemicals that kill? The Obama adminstration has few objections if they come from fracking, the tar sands, GMOs, chemicals in our food and so many other potentially deadly components of modern industrialized life. In fact, a number of their purveyors hold high positions in that administration. But war itself, chemical weapons or not, is “a moral obscenity.”

Though hypocrisy over decades of foreign policy makes it difficult for the United States to be considered an honest broker, we ask President Obama to work to bring all parties—particularly the nations supporting the various factions—to the table to work out a ceasefire.

It is time to stop seeing killing as the most viable option. It is time to stop putting U.S. interests over the interests of other people and countries. Say no to military intervention in Syria.

Peace & Justice Center, Santa Rosa

Have One on Me

Here we go again, another well-connected politician getting special treatment! The second delay in formal charges against Efren Carrillo has all the makings of a backroom deal. Why do you think Carrillo is allowed to run free for six more weeks? His “supporters” (i.e., Doug Bosco, owner of the Press Democrat) likely needed more time to concoct a story, or they’re gathering dirt to smear the victim. Meanwhile, Carrillo shows up to work at the board of supervisors and reads a written statement from paper, claiming that his arrest has nothing to do with his work representing the public. He was in his underwear after terrorizing a woman at 3am! Any other county employee would be handed his walking papers. Instead, Efren is handed another month to get his story straight. Shameful.


Good Intentions Paving Company

In a listing in last week’s Fall Arts issue, we implied that musical genius Brian Wilson would be part of the band when the Beach Boys play at the Wells Fargo Center on Sept. 7. As much as we’d like to see noted Dodgers fan Mike Love patch things up with his former band mate, Brian Wilson is not, in fact, part of the touring group.

Hoist Up the John B. Sail

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