Letters to the Editor: October 19, 2016

What happened to you? What happened to that? Plus, some errors we claim to regret making.

Say You’re Sorry

What has happened to you, Eric Koenigshofer? I’ve known you for over 30 years and have considered you a friend. I respected your zeal and participation in the local political process, even though I haven’t always agreed with your positions. You have always seemed to care about Sonoma County and the process of good local governance and discourse in the community. However, your latest foray into local politics with your support of Lynda Hopkins has gone beyond the pale.

We are currently experiencing a presidential election that has sunk to a depraved, loutish level, characterized by bluster and outright lies from a racist, misogynistic moron. It is sad and worrisome that our national discourse has sunk to this abject level. Money talks and democracy suffers when a billionaire bully can try to buy an election with bottomless funds.

Your intentionally misleading and thoroughly dishonest newspaper ads attacking Noreen Evans are bringing the bile of the national election to our home community in Sonoma County. Your work raising money from self-interested outside sources in an effort to buy this election is all about greed. Those so-called supporters just want to have their way with the county as they seek to turn us into L.A. North.

Lastly, you may not agree with Noreen Evans, but she has been a tireless public servant with high integrity working for us for the past several decades and does not deserve to have lies spread about her just to meet your client’s needs. You owe her an apology.

Santa Rosa

Follow the Money

Can anyone recall a candidate funded by moneyed interests who did not end up principally serving their campaign donors sooner or later? Transparency? How about the campaigning Barack Obama in 2008 who promised the most transparent presidency ever. What ever happened to that? The Obama administration has indicted more whistle blowers than all administrations combined. Just sayin’.

West County

Dept. of Corrections

Due to an editing error, last week’s Nugget column (“New Rules,” Oct. 12) incorrectly reported a proposed cannabis growing regulation. Multiple operators could jointly cultivate in a single indoor facility on agricultural or industrial zoned properties, but the total canopy could not exceed 5,000 square feet on agricultural parcels or 22,000 square feet on industrial properties.

Also, Tom Gogola’s story (“The Fifth Dimensions,” Oct. 12) misattributed the author of a campaign video to Noreen Evans. It was her opponent Lynda Hopkins who released the video.

The Bohemian regrets the errors.

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Sonoma County Library
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