Letters to the Editor: October 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor: October 1, 2013

Permanent Shutdown, Now!

Workers of the world, rejoice! Reactionary elements in the federal government of the U.S.A. empire don’t know it, but they are showing us the way forward for humanity! Let’s take it to the next level! Let’s organize a global business shutdown!

Among the demands for a strike, we should include: (1) keep the federal government shut down; expand the shutdown to all levels of government; (2) use the public power of eminent domain to seize all property and assets of the “1 percent” and reorganize all economic activity under workers’ control; (3) abolish all labor laws which obstruct the basic human right of all workers to full freedom of association and freedom of expression.

Let us hold open public assemblies in all communities worldwide to decide how to dispose of government assets and how to reorganize services.

Most of the more than 800,000 workers employed by the U.S. government are being subjected to what amounts to a lockout by their employer. Workers everywhere must show them solidarity. We can do that, and advance the collective interest of all of us, by permanently throwing the dead weight of the governments of the 1 percent into the dustbin of history.

San Diego

The Weather Is Nice Because
We Feed People

Did you ever wonder why we of this county have such nice, easy weather, surely compared to Denver, Colo., or New Orleans? Why do we have such nice weather year-round? My theory is simple: our county demonstrates feeding the hungry with the Redwood Empire Food Bank, and with many churches donating time, food and material goods for those who have no home, let alone a kitchen.

Our county is blessed with mild weather. Our county is great for seniors. Sonoma County is acting as a poster child for sharing, and having so many healthcare practitioners and facilities. Our great weather is a result of a generous and sharing county setting an example for other counties in California, and the rest of our great and generous nation.

Santa Rosa

An Inspiration

It is truly an honor to have studied with Mark Perlman at SSU (“The History of Thinking,” Sept. 4). His commitment to teaching, passion for painting and dedication to critical discourse made a lasting impact on me as a young student and inspired me to be the artist I am today.

Via online

Who Cares About Beautiful Fields, Anyway?

A grant of tax money from the county is being sought by a citizens group to purchase an eight-acre parcel costing $1.5 million that lies adjacent to downtown Forestville to make it open space, meaning that it can never be built on or developed—ever. It’s a complete waste of your tax money.

I am opposed to the Forestville open space grant for the following reasons:

It eliminates a future tax base that would enable El Molino High and Forestville Elementary to stay in operation. Both are in danger of closing due to declining enrollment.

It’s out of scale for the town; the entire downtown commercial part of Forestville is less in acreage than this proposed “park” would be.

If there is one thing Forestville has plenty of, it’s open space. Why spend your tax money to purchase what is already abundant?

The county already owns a parcel in downtown Forestville right next to the eight acres that is under construction as a park at the entrance to the West County Trail.

Forestville has more park space than the population utilizes: Forestville Youth Park, Steelhead Beach, Riverfront Regional Park, Sunset River Beach Park, Forestville River Access (formerly Mother’s Beach) West County Regional Trail, Wohler Bridge Park.


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