Letters to the Editor: November 30, 2016

Yes, wave that flag; no, you can't wave that flag; farewell, Fidel; gosh, you're clueless

Long May It Wave

Cool. I’m a Libertarian, and we use the Gadsden flag to represent our values (“Local Goods,” Nov. 23). We are not right-wingers. More centered and believe in pro-choice and individual rights to privacy and personal freedoms.

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That flag could be symbol for anyone, like a Libertarian, who believes that they have a right to be free, i.e., to be left the hell alone. So it doesn’t work for liberals/statists whose primary objective is to expand the role of government and its intrusiveness into the lives and liberties of all.

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Adios, Fidel

Fidel Castro’s death not only marks the passing of an individual who evoked many feelings among his people and the world, but the end of an era of mid-20th-century politics. One cannot separate the emotional and political impact he had on the world. “Revolutionaries” manifest in reaction to oppressive conditions (which Cuba had been experiencing for decades) and cannot succeed without the dissatisfaction of the majority of its people. History will record both the successes and failures of Cuban policy, both domestic and foreign. My hope is that as Cuba enters the 21st century in a globally connected world, the positive achievements under Castro are not forgotten by its people, especially education and healthcare.

Santa Rosa

Love Trumps What?

The support for $hillary, a tool of George Soros, AIPAC and Goldman Sachs, shows how utterly bankrupt, clueless and hypocritical the “progressive left” is. Hillary’s trade policies (she desired fast-tracking the TPP) and bellicose foreign policy, an attack on Iran, pushing Russia to the brink of war and endless “humanitarian interventions” sure sound like “Love Trumps Hate” doesn’t it?

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Dept. of Corrections

Last week’s Open Mic (“Standing Tall,” Nov. 23) misstated the cost of the Dakota Access Pipeline. It is $3.8 billion. The Bohemian regrets the error.

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