Letters to the Editor: November 22, 2017

'I doubt your vegetarian friends will melt in a vat of ignorant bliss'

Hats Off

Thank you for your reliable coverage throughout the terrible crisis of the firestorm, as well as your consistently fine writing on the disaster. Like other issues such as homelessness and mental illness, this will prove to be one of the central ongoing issues of this region. I applaud your commitment to keeping a tight focus on reporting on it, even as time passes and the initial wounds begin to heal. Our recovery, as so many have observed, will take a long, long time.

Santa Rosa

Pencil Wizard

The Bohemian should be commended for its great track record of using the work of local artists and illustrators for its cover art and giving up-and coming-artists a public viewing. However, it may have overlooked a pencil wizard who has been active in the West County for nearly 40 years. The name of this versatile artist is Michael Fisher. Maybe you’ve seen one of his calendars in the mail recently. Check out his cartoon blog Aldo & Me (aldome.wordpress.com) to get a true sense of his illustrating range.

Monte Rio

Devil Weed

Sonoma County has no idea what it is asking for with cannabis tourism (“On the Bus,” Nov. 15). Even the very word “cannabis” has real evil in it.

Pot is a drug. It is not medicinal. It causes complete indifference in its users, and can lead to death when smoked in heavy quantities. I don’t care what is happening to our “progressive” society. Drugs are evil. Pot, meth, heroin, cocaine and on and on are all inherently evil.

There will be even more problems here in Sonoma County with accidental deaths among our youth, as well as among long-term users. “Cannabis,” that evil word, is going to cause more problems than it is worth. Taxing it only allows more evil and tolerance among people who do not truly believe in God Almighty. God would be the very first one to tell you how evil pot is and that it truly does come from the evil one.

Our society continues to go too far with legalizing controversial issues from the 1960s. And we will all pay the price. Just watch and wait.

Santa Rosa


I find the article written by Ari LeVaux (“Alt Turkey,” Nov. 15) very contradictory toward vegetarians and vegans who choose what we eat based on health, animal welfare, environment, etc. To say vegetarians miss turkey once or twice a year and bacon every day is a ridiculous and a foolish statement. Cooking tofu with bacon for a vegetarian? Absurd! I doubt your vegetarian friends will melt in a vat of ignorant bliss. No vegetarian will be begging for your bacon grease secret. Please include thoughtful, educated articles in your newspaper, not garbage such as this.

Santa Rosa

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