Letters to the Editor: July 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 24, 2013

Efren’s Arrest

Thank you for your well-aimed, and even compassionate, response to Efren Carrillo’s arrest and banishment to a rehab center (“Falling Star,” July 17). I’m guessing paying your property taxes late doesn’t look like such a big deal anymore.

So now that our “rising star” supervisor has shot himself in his own foot, I’m hoping we will follow Pieter Myers suggestion and join together to find Gov. Brown a replacement who is genuinely interested in serving the fifth district.

I have a few good suggestions, so sign me up for the committee. Anybody out there have the governor’s ear?


Thank you very much for your swift and direct countering of the spin machine already well underway. You called it exactly right, and we have now seen the indications that there is far more wrong with this public servant and his ability to represent the interest of hundreds of thousands of people’s well-being—and it matters big-time to the whole county.

Your paper is really the biggest weapon we have to counter the propaganda to come, and I believe there is no choice but to use it to its fullest now. I am writing to plead with you to fire back relentlessly week after week with every bolded, featured and countering weapon you’ve got to keep the intelligent and truthful perspective in plain sight.

Major issues affecting the whole county for years to come are what is at stake. Even before this, Carrillo had shown his true colors and betrayed many in favor of big money interests. We must not let his white-washers also make a travesty of justice and manipulate, twist or bribe a different outcome for Carrillo than would have resulted for the average Joe.


Boy, do you guys know something we don’t know? I know little about Efren Carrillo, but I found the article by Gabe Meline to be offensive in a seeming rush to harsh judgment. From the subheadline “Efren Carrillo’s most recent arrest” to repeating, in a one page article, that Carrillo was arrested in his underwear and socks, I believe, seven times. Then, the psychoanalysis at the end. Honestly. Fair and balanced? Help me here.

Via online

Like the Press Democrat‘s recent editorial, Gabe Meline is right to highlight the incident’s alleged facts, for they are too disturbing to ignore or deflect or minimize. How our local political leaders and media respond to these disturbing facts and the issues they raise risks defining their and even our county’s reputation for a long time. I sincerely wish Efren the best with any efforts at recovery, and I expect our local political leaders and media to address the disturbing issues raised when a local elected official is “arrested in his underwear and socks after trying to break into a woman’s bedroom at 3:40 in the morning.” Efren is not the victim. He is the suspect.

Santa Rosa

As a lifelong resident of Sonoma County and the fifth district, I find Supervisor Carrillo’s behavior reprehensible and unbefitting of a Sonoma County supervisor, or any other public official, for that matter. Putting the outcome of the criminal case aside, the damage is done. Going over to a woman’s home, cutting her window screen, waking her up by disturbing the blinds, then going to the front door, knocking on the door and then running away is an indication of a very serious lack of judgment—or perhaps something even worse. Yet, he continues to blame “his” problems on alcohol, and so do his handlers.

They are doing him no favors by continuing to offer up lame excuses which seem to only get progressively worse every time they open their mouths. Quite frankly, the idiocy of such excuses is an insult to the good citizens of this county.

Had his “friends” truly wanted to help him, they would have gotten him help long before this shameful incident rather than waiting until something like this latest fiasco occurred.

I’ve read the words “I,” “me,” “I’m,” “him” and “Efren” more times than I can count. But I’m still waiting to read or hear the words “her” and “she.” “I apologize” and “I’m sorry” to the victim would be nice, too.

There’s a victim in all this, all right, and “his” name isn’t Efren.


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