Letters to the Editor: July 18, 2018

'I encourage all to be registered and able to vote for the good of America'

Mother and Child

What a beautiful, inspiring cover (“Fierce Love,” July 11).

Via Bohemian.com

Banned Boys

Maybe society should see young boys as valuable as young girls these days (“Fierce Love,” July 11). Boys are growing up without their dads more and more, and mothers and women can’t satisfy their needs. With this crazy feminism today, boys are going their own way because there is nothing left for them.

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Bird Brains

Quite a masterful piece of journalism, Tom (“Birds and Blobs,” July 3). As to the forewarning of birds attacking humans: could it be related to the intentional fouling of the air, such as the continued petrochemical releases into the atmosphere from combustion engines and the nearly 1,000 refinery discharge stacks that the Bohemian dramatically photographed about a year ago with the colors black and red filling up the sky? Who says a picture isn’t worth a thousand words?

Via Bohemian.com


Donnie Doofus, our Potty POTUS, with the help of the Republican majority in Congress, now heads what has become the largest cartel on Earth, U.S.A. Inc. Some call it MAGA. I call it SWAMP: Some Wealthy A**holes Making Policy.

The cartel members include clean coal, drug manufacturers and distributors, chemical companies, Wall Street and of course the kowtowing, quivering Republicans who are so proud to have passed their “Economic Growth, Regulatory Reform and Consumer Protection Act,” sponsored fittingly by Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, part of their war on the poor. No luck with Obamacare yet. I hope that all my fellow Americans enjoyed our national holiday and enjoyed the freedom to celebrate this great nation, and I encourage all to be registered and able to vote for the good of America and the world, and against the Trump Reich.

Santa Rosa

Supreme Disappointment

Oh, how we’ll love our new Judge Kavanaugh, another porcine man of the people and a magnificent profiteer who (à la Dick Cheney) wallows deep in the filth that is the confluence of Big Business and Big Government. And he comes right out of cosmetics, too. It’s too perfect.


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