Letters to the Editor: July 17, 2013

Carrillo Should Resign

Let me be among the first to call for Efren Carrillo’s immediate resignation as Fifth District Supervisor. Speaking for many of us in West County, we have had it. Carrillo no longer represents us. The last time he exhibited antisocial behavior like this all we got from him was a stone wall. Now his pal Erik Koenigshofer says that Carrillo is really a nice guy and just has a “drinking problem.” Well, he may have a drinking problem, but a drinking problem does not excuse his behavior, especially from a person in county government. I call for a coalition of county civic groups to come together to nominate a replacement for Carrillo as soon as possible.


Women Targeted

While I certainly share the upset and outrage being expressed over the verdict in the Zimmerman trial, I am puzzled by the silence over similar crimes that occur daily across the country. Thousands of victims are stalked, raped and murdered, targeted as belonging to an oppressed class in our culture.

Yes, I’m taking about women. Violence against women is such an ingrained aspect of American life that it goes almost unnoticed, yet it goes on day after day. Women who resist and kill their attackers can be convicted and sent to prison. As a man who’s enjoyed an unconscious sense of entitlement over women from birth, I’m struggling to wake up to this bias and begin to resist the omnipresent messages to objectify and target women: “sexy” advertising, misogyny in “entertainment” and, of course, pornography. Where’s the outrage against this lethal profiling?

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Tale of Two Chesters

I really enjoyed this article, especially for the attention to the situation of California artists (“Gone West,” July 3). There’s a typo in the caption for one of the photos—that’s not Sonoma County’s wonderful author and garlic-grower Chester Aaron (who is also worthy of a profile in your paper) but more likely the person you are quoting in the article, Chester Arnold.

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Subtle Metal

Boo Radley’s House delivers uncompromised attack on this album (“North Bay Noise,” July 10). As an ex–sound engineer for a few record labels, I find Eye to I to be one of the best pieces of work I’ve heard in a long time. Although it may not find its way into the mind of the masses due to its highly intelligent metal infrastructure, I encourage those with an appreciation for deviation from the norm to give this album a solid listen. It has so many time changes, explosive dynamics and subtle nuances, all seamlessly executed, that listeners will find themselves wanting to study each “chapter.”

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BottleRock Disaster

Wow, this has to be one for the business books as a freeway pile up of the worst business practices in recent memory (“Empty Bottle,” July 10). Why on Earth would any business (much less practically all of the vendors) give credit to a concert promoter on the first year out? Why would a concert promoter allow a primary source of revenue to be managed by a contractor? Lord help any investor suckers lurking nearby.

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Bohemian Wins AAN Award

At the annual convention on July 13 of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia in Miami, Fla., photographer Sara Sanger was awarded a third-place award for her work in the Bohemian throughout the calendar year 2012.

AAN is comprised of 142 newspapers nationwide. This is the eighth national award that the Bohemian has received in the past five years. In April, the Bohemian won two CNPA awards from the California Newspaper Publisher’s Association.

To Sara, we triumphantly raise a tall can of Modelo and a pair of the best gardening shears money can buy.

Humbled as Ever

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