Letters to the Editor: August 30, 2017

Waking; faking; meats of sheer mystery

Waking Up

I greatly appreciated Shepherd Bliss’ “Shut It Down” (Open Mic, Aug. 23). His and his neighbors’ actions inspire me to rouse from my “it’s inevitable” victim attitude toward possibly illegal cannabis operations. Taking action against rule breakers has nothing to do with whether we ourselves are cannabis consumers, or how we feel about the burgeoning pot culture.


Fake Water

Regarding Knights Bridge Winery, Sonoma County has failed to look at the whole project, and in doing so has ignored the cumulative impacts, including negative effects to neighbors’ wells. Instead, the developer’s “fake” water-use numbers keep spiraling downward in an attempt to justify this project.

When the developer’s anticipated water usage data was first presented to the county in 2013, it reflected one set of numbers, and now four years later, the water-usage data reflects something quite different, now magically reduced. But the only thing that has changed is that the water usage has intensified, as the developer has replanted a significant number of acres of new vineyards and added a 10 bedroom/10 bathroom guest lodge complete with a large pool and new landscaping.

To add insult to injury, the county is accepting the developer’s overall water-use calculations in part by accepting the claim that the guest lodge’s water usage will be equivalent to “an average household of four.”

How is that possible? As with fake news, so goes “fake” water to justify this winery project.

Knights Valley

No Mystery Meat

With the new school year upon us, parents are turning their attention to school clothes, school supplies and school food. Yes, school food! More than 31 million children rely on school meals for their daily nutrition, which too often consists of highly processed food laden with saturated fat. Not surprisingly, one-third of our children have become overweight or obese. Their early dietary flaws become lifelong addictions, raising their risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. To compound the problem, the Trump administration has loosened Obama’s 2010 school-lunch rules calling for whole grains, fat-free milk and reduced salt content.

Fortunately, many U.S. school districts now offer vegetarian options. More than 120 schools, including the entire school districts of Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia and San Diego, have implemented Meatless Mondays.

As parents, we need to involve our own children and school-cafeteria managers in promoting healthful, plant-based foods in our schools.

Santa Rosa

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