Letters to the Editor: April 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor: April 10, 2013

Stop the Pipeline

I am asking for help to stop the Keystone-XL pipeline. For me, it is a moral obligation I have to my children and to future generations. The pipeline will enable a substantial escalation of the development and burning of the Alberta Tar Sands, one of our dirtiest carbon polluting energy sources.

Climate change is real and dangerous. It is now understood that Earth’s massive ecosystem can be affected by human activities. Our centuries-old habit of burning fossil fuels has affected the planet’s atmosphere in a harmful way.

Continuing to develop and burn our known fossil-fuel reserves will create catastrophic climate chaos with deadly consequences for our planet. Instead, we should direct our efforts to more rapidly deploying clean, renewable energy sources. It is possible. Germany’s “Energiewende” made a strong commitment to do this 12 years ago, and they have made great progress. I believe we can, too.

Please write the president and ask him to stop the Keystone-XL, pipeline, and go to 350.org to become active and learn more.

Kudos for Angelo

Wonderful article on Angelo Chambrone (“Fresh Blood,” March 27)! I’ve known this kid (man? Ha-ha) since he was 11. I worked with him and his parents at Sweet Lou’s, and all I can say is that his passion for food ran as deep as it does now. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying his amazing menu at Barolo. They definitely scored with him in the kitchen. Congrats, Angelo!

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I Like the Ads

I agree with Mr. Rick Call in his response to the comment made by a reader about doing away with capitalism (Letters, April 3). If it weren’t for the privately owned businesses in this community, spending their hard-earned dollars in hopes of attracting new customers, the Bohemian could not exist as the advertisement vehicle it is. I always enjoy the advertisements of local businesses in the Bohemian, and that’s why I look at it. However, I usually don’t agree with many of the ideas expressed in the articles and cartoons.

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The End of War

“The war that will end all wars.” Yes, this is what we were told in middle school during the ’40s—that, yes indeed, World War I was the last war for the world. Maybe it was because of the mustard gas that did its evil thing before the gas masks could be made en masse. Maybe the slaughter of teenaged men and those in their early 20s was so terrible, twisted bodies lying in the mud or light snow. Maybe this was sobering.

What about now?

World War I didn’t end war. World War II followed, Korea came and went, and now, what of this in our immediate here and now? No one knows what Korea will do next.

The premier war to protest, Vietnam, came and went, and the lesson of war’s negative effects was not yet a hit at home. The early ’80s saw a lot of war in Latin America and elsewhere. And of course the wars in the Middle East. What will it take to end war?

And so World War I did not end war. We can only hope that if World War III ever comes, it will end the idea that might makes right in order to survive. Here’s hoping.

Santa Rosa

No More Meat

The new link between meat consumption and heart disease, discovered by Dr. Stanley Hazen of the Cleveland Clinic, is just the latest evidence linking meat consumption to killer diseases that cripple, then kill, 1.3 million Americans annually.

We have sacrificed the lives of 10,000 American personnel and trillions of dollars in waging two wars to avenge the deaths of 2,600 Americans in the 9-11 attacks. When will we wage a bloodless, low-cost war on the killer meat-based diet, potentially responsible for as many as 1.3 million American deaths annually?

Santa Rosa

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