Letters to the Editor


Tape heads, unite!

Gabe Meline’s article (“Dolby Days,” Nov. 21) brought me back to those wonderful days when big hair looked great on the ladies (and some of the guys, too) and spandex and leather ruled!

I was in one of those bands that Gabe had mentioned (thanks for the props), and sometimes yearn for those days when there seemed to be a club to play on every corner.

Yes, Gabe, you hit it dead on!

We recorded our demo tapes at Banquet Studios in Santa Rosa, had Geoff Thorp (of Vicious Rumors) produce us, flyered the hell out of every town we played thanks to the copy machine at the place I used to work and were on our way to the big time.

Fifteen years after we disbanded, I will still, on occasion, listen to our demo tapes, remember the good old days, think of all the fun we had and wonder most of all: How the hell did we disregard that damn hissing noise that cassette tapes make?

Mark Oleson (ICE)Rohnert Park

Still persecuted

p>I am appalled by the actions of the district attorney in this matter (“Torturous Geometry,” Nov. 21). “David” is a friend and brother to all the nations, he represents the ongoing attitude still evident after all these years of persecution of the American natives of this land. I feel that making him testify would cause undo harm both to his mental and spiritual life. We have seen the way that people seem to forget how much the natives of this land have had to endure; the system is always against us and we strive to better our lives, yet we are met with hostility and prejudice. We as a people have not been evident in the media. Other minorities seem to have a bigger voice—the term “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” comes to mind—and so we still suffer at the hands of the ignorant and those who place their race above all others, not to mention the local and state governments. We must all try to have our voices heard. He should be exempt from having to testify.

Leesa Miranda Gomez, Proud Apache WomanSanta Rosa

DiFi sell-out

Coming into this century, after Bush was appointed . . . er, I mean, elected president, I can remember thinking that at least we here in Northern California had still chosen our representatives carefully.

Even Dianne Feinstein (Briefs, “Message for Feinstein,” Nov. 21) stood up for the principles that made this country run so well since our forefathers drafted their plan for how a country should be operated. You know, of the people, for the people, and by the people.

I am still quite pleased with the representatives we have here in Northern California. Except it would seem as though Dianne Feinstein likes “the Plan for a New American Century” better than the old one that had worked so well for over 200 years. Can you say “sold-out”? I knew that you could.

Marc GroahHealdsburg

Love the food you eat

Most of us have limited knowledge of how animals are raised for our food. Factory-farmed pigs and laying hens are destined to live out their lives in unnatural, unhealthy, intensively confined crates.

Picture a pregnant pig, as intelligent as a dog, confined for months at a time, in its confined world. That world is a 2-by-6-foot crate, not large enough even to turn around, lie down comfortably or simply to allow the animal to scratch herself. Picture egg-laying hens living their lives in a space smaller than an 8-by-11-inch sheet of paper, never able to spread their wings.

I wholeheartedly believe that the vast majority of people who eat meat would prefer that these animals live a decent existence before they head for their plate. I believe that if a person knew that they could end some of this suffering, they would, especially if it were easy for them to do so. That chance is now before us to make changes to significantly reduce the suffering of these animals. For more information on how to help, please visit www.humanecalifornia.org .

Lois Shelton, Compassionate-Carnivores.orgSanta Rosa

Sonoma County Library