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Indivisible Sonoma County confronts Trump

President Trump’s words and action are a danger to our nation. That is one of the reasons I am part of Indivisible Sonoma County. There are nearly 6,000 Indivisible groups across the nation. Indivisible uses local congressional advocacy to resist the capricious and dangerous Trump agenda. We meet regularly with members of Congress and their staff in order to thank them and hold them accountable. We support marches, protests and other visibility events in our community. We coordinate with several other Bay Area Indivisible groups, including San Francisco, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Sonoma Valley and Windsor.

While we come from many different backgrounds, and we all have various issues that we care deeply about, our platform is to block Trump’s attacks on immigrants, people of color, working families, our healthcare and our environment. Essentially, we want to encourage our representatives to do what they can to stop the Trump administration from creating dangerous policies. Many of us are new to organizing like this, a sign of just how deeply people care about our democracy.

We believe we are making a difference.

The Department of Justice’s appointment of Robert Mueller, former head of the FBI, as special counsel on the Russia investigation would not have happened without the immense pressure from the public—and from Indivisible groups around the country. Mr. Mueller now must be allowed to conduct a truly independent investigation, without further interference from the Trump administration.

Unfortunately, even when faced with this constitutional crisis, the vast majority of Republicans in Congress choose to sit on their hands and evade their sworn duty to defend our democracy. They must be held accountable for their choice to stand with Trump over truth.

Steve Hogle lives in Healdsburg, where he manages a family
estate and ranch.

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