July 11: Dan Imhoff and the Cahoots at Redwood Cafe


Dan Imhoff, editor of the graphic coffe table book CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, doesn’t just call for reform of industrial animal food production in his free time—he also plays jazz! Like their 2012 album’s namesake, Dan Imhoff and the Cahoots live off the Fat of the Land, blending country, rock, blues and jazz in original compositions titled “Drill Baby Drill,” “The Sun Shines for All,” and “Long Lonely Road.” Who knows what else Imhoff has up his sleeve? No cahoots about it, Imhoff takes us back to the farm with bandmates Eric Neilson, Mike Brunson, Craig Anderson, and Dru Rodgers on Wednesday, July 11, at the Redwood Cafe. 8240 Old Redwood Highway, Cotati. 8pm. 707.795.7868.