The Boho Awards 2005
Dr. Walter Byck
Karen Petersen
James Dunn
Brenda and Marc Lhormer
Napa Valley Museum

The Annual Boho Awards

With pride and a flourish, it is our great pleasure to introduce on the following pages this year’s honorees for our 8th Annual Boho Awards. The Bohos (formerly known as the Indys) were conceived so that we could better serve our community by indeed hailing our community.

Award honorees are chosen for their devotion to and influence upon the arts in the North Bay. Whether their efforts are institutional, commercial or personal, Boho Award honorees share a common passion for enlivening our community through artistic effort and outreach. All of which means that we have a gorgeous embarrassment of riches to choose from each year. Such troubles!

This year, we are happy to introduce you to some good folks you’ve already read about in these pages and some you haven’t yet seen. Brenda and Marc Lhormer of the Sonoma Valley Film Festival talk about the importance of making even fledgling filmmakers feel welcome. Dr. Walter Byck relishes the miracle of his Sculpture Sonoma project. SRJC Mahoney Library marvel Karen Petersen seems to have her hands in every important project south of Santa Rosa. Director emeritus James Dunn has tirelessly led the Mountain Play since 1983 and raised more than one generation of Marin County actors. The Napa Valley Museum and its executive director, Eric Nelson, find that change is the only constant way to reach an ever-growing audience. We salute these five Boho Award recipients for their stellar work on the community’s behalf.

Come join us in honoring them when we host a free Boho Awards reception on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the A Street Gallery. Local faves Roseland provide the soundtrack, and a nosh or two might be nice. We’ll be at the A Street Gallery, 312 A St., Santa Rosa, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, raising a joyful noise to our honorees.

We look forward to seeing you there!

–Gretchen Giles

From the September 28-October 4, 2005 issue of the North Bay Bohemian.

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