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im 26 a well known musician and need a quality woman

why is bieng a musician such a blessing and curse

every time i meet a woman they either intimidate by my presence orjealous that i know so many people

isint there a girl who wants 2 b treated like a queen

taken 2 the most beautiful places/people and music?

why is being rich at heart not good enough?

been asking theese questions 4 7 years now

+ still unhappy

happy in my life right where i want 2 b

teaching children,freeing minds,creating musicians

just missing that love

so heres what i can tell u

i have no house(buy choice)

i travel the west coast playing/producing/promoting music

im at a show about 6 days a week

dont have alot of money but dont need it

u probably know me or have seen me

i have a lot of hair(very hansom)

love children

and free

if your still interested please respond

because im a well know musician i have 2 keep who i am a secret

untill i trust u


ps …..sorry bout the spelling im in a hurry

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