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I was deeply moved by your Open Mic about your own challenges with running an independent newspaper (“Group Activities,” May 8, 2019.) I love your wish to get input from your readers. I think the Bohemian lends us a lot of news about fun events and such, but I like reflective, personal writing, too. I would like you to write more about your own trials and feelings and views regarding newspaper endeavors or even personal challenges.


Calling the Shots

Time to bring the vaccine bus to schools (“Vaxx Populi,” May 22, 2019).

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Time to call the CDC to verify stats.

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Two Thumbs Up

“Go see The Biggest Little Farm film at Sebastopol’s Rialto, if you want a glimmer of hope for the future,” writes one person on a local website. “It’ll blow your heart and mind and make you feel in love with this intrepid couple.”

This organic farmer cannot remember the last time I went to a theater to see a film. It takes a lot to get me off the farm that has been my main work for the last 27 years, after leaving full-time college teaching. I enjoy films, but I usually wait until I can watch them on DVDs.

Perhaps you have considered abandoning city-living, especially at our current perilous time, for a country life. If so, this film could speak to you.

Having seen various Wild West films about farms over the years, this film is a relief. It reveals how a couple leaves the city to start a traditional food farm, Apricot Lane Farm, about 40 miles from Los Angeles. They adopt a dog, Todd, one of the film’s heroes.

Though the soil is barren and hard, the ground is like concrete, and they are plagued with a record drought and wildfire, they thrive.

The couple, John and Molly Chester, had considered starting a farm. Their goal was to manage the farm with nature in mind in the old-fashioned way. Farming in harmony with nature is the Chesters’ goal. They return to an old-fashioned way of farming.


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