Dec. 21: Volker Strifler and Ron Thompson at Rancho Nicasio


Hey man, are you listening? Because I hear sleigh bells ring. And in the lane, check it out—snow! Glistening! Man, I’m happy tonight. It’s like the bluebird has gone away and a new bird is here, singing a happy song. Let’s kick it in the meadow and build a snowman. We can pretend he’s Parson Brown, and that he’s gonna marry us. Yeah, I’m serious. Let’s get hitched. Then we’ll dream by the fire about these plans that we’ve made. Maybe even buy a house if the real estate market stops soaring like crazy. Pick up a used Buick or something. Man, it’s thrilling when your nose gets a chilling. We frolic and play the Eskimo way when we go see Volker Strifler and Ron Thompson on Saturday, Dec. 21, at Rancho Nicasio. Town Square, Nicasio. 8:30pm. $15. 415.662.2219.

Sonoma County Library