.Create a Bee-Friendly Garden at Healdsburg’s Shed

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Of all the ecological challenges facing our planet these days, the mass disappearance of honey bees is one of the most confounding and worrying occurrences to face agricultural industries in North America. Since many crops and flowers rely on bees to act as pollinators, the recent rise of Colony Collapse disorder affects everyone from food producers to gardeners. 

This weekend, author, consultant and gardener Kate Frey leads a workshop at Healdsburg Shed to help those in the North Bay do their part to help keep local honey bees thriving and healthy through their own garden ventures. The author has worked around the world and specializes in bio-diversity and attracting and nurturing our pollinating friends. 

Her book, The Bee Friendly Garden, co-written with professor Gretchen LeBuhn, will be available at the event, and Frey will share resources necessary for bees and give many vibrant examples of how to create gardens that support them. All workshop participants will receive a 10% off coupon for purchases in the shed’s retail store the day of the event, perfect for stocking up on garden supplies.

Create a Bee-Friendly Garden on Saturday, Apr 16, at Healdsburg Shed, 25 North St, Healdsburg. 1pm. $20. 707.431.7433. 


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