Bigfoot Sighting in Santa Rosa

Can you see the Bigfoot in this picture? No, its not a Magic Eye 3D image.

  • Courtesy RM Barrows
  • Can you see the Bigfoot in this picture? No, it’s not a Magic Eye 3D image.

If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is around, does Bigfoot hear it? If that tree is in the Mayacama Mountain Area of Santa Rosa, the answer might be yes.

We get a lot of press releases at the Bohemian, but when the email subject reads “Bigfoot in Santa Rosa?” it’s gonna get opened. And when as much work is put into it as the one we received yesterday, it’s gonna get read. And when there are blurry photos of what might be the elusive, mythical Sasquatch, you bet your ass I’m gonna post that online like it’s a cat playing piano with sunglasses.

As the story goes, a Windsor man walking his dog shot the grainy, shaky footage and stabilized the best shot he had. If you squint really hard, and forget that this is in a forest, and don’t realize that these guys sell Bigfoot hunting trips, it looks like it might be a thing. Not necessarily Bigfoot, but definitely a thing. And hey, Bigfoot is a thing, so the search is on!

The man contacted Tom Biscardi, a renowned Bigfoot hunter in Redwood City. After carefully reviewing the footage, and enhancing it through several filters, it was determined that this could be worthy of more investigation. Though the team is still trying to get permission to cascade upon the mountain, the Bohemian was invited to send someone on the news staff to tag along on the hunt. (We’re just trying to find an issue with an open spot for a cover story, honest.)

This isn’t the first time Tom has reportedly been involved in a Santa Rosa Bigfoot sighting. Though his name was not used, it’s been reported he responded to a fake video made by Penn and Teller for their show, “Bullshit.” Biscardi also admitted to being hoaxed himself on the nationally-syndicated paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM, which prompted the host to demand a refund to anyone who signed up for his live-cam Bigfoot watch after it was promised there would be Bigfoot, no matter how hard one watched.

I’m not in the Bigfoot biz, but I’m sure things like that happen all the time. There’s no shame in getting fooled once, or twice, or a few times. Hey, everyone’s gotta make a buck somehow (one offer came to Penn and Teller for $5,000 just to use their fake Bigfoot footage). It can be tough to find the real thing, and you’ve gotta strike while the iron is hot. There’s no time to check the facts or ask the experts. Bigfoot is quick and elusive, and he might turn up one day at Matanzas Creek Winery sipping chardonnay and the next day having a picnic on a dormant volcano in Atlanta. It’s the luck of the draw. Just make sure to carry your worst video camera around at all times.

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