Band of Brothers

Brothers Keeper tour with John Popper, Jono Manson

Hailing from the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Brothers Keeper (Scott Rednor on guitar, Michael Jude on bass and John Michel on drums) play an exuberant style of Americana rock and roll. When they hit two North Bay stages this week, they’re joined by Blues Traveler frontman John Popper and New York City guitarist and songwriter Jono Manson, both accompanying the band on tour.

Popper has been involved off and on with the members of Brothers Keeper since meeting Rednor some 15 years ago, around the same time Rednor was opening up for Manson’s super-group High Plains Drifter. It was a trip down that memory lane that inspired Popper and Manson to join Brothers Keeper in the studio last year for the band’s debut album, Todd Meadows. The record encompasses the wide range of musical influences and styles that make Brothers Keeper more than just another Americana band. Folk, blues and jam elements all come into play, and the power of the group is anchored in its multi-part harmonies and raucous live concerts.

Keeping those good times going into the new year, the band revels in the brotherly love on Friday, Jan. 9, at Sweetwater Music Hall (19 Corte Madera Ave., Mill Valley. 9pm. $20–$22. 415.388.3850) and on Saturday,
Jan. 10, at the Sebastiani Theatre (476 First St. E., Sonoma. 8:30pm. $25. 707.996.9756).

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