Backyard Banquet


Here in the North Bay, the food buzzword is “local.” From 100-mile diets to CSAs, the urge to keep it in the community is omnipresent. But what about narrowing it down even further—make your diet hyper-local—and only eat veggies and other foodstuffs sourced from within one block of your house?

For me, that would mean a diet of twigs, old chard, a couple of Meyer lemons and maybe some decorative kale. That’s not necessarily what Margo True, a food editor at Sunset Magazine had in mind when she started up the One Block Diet blog, which—as these things do—has become the book The One-Block Feast: An Adventure in Food from Farm to Table, published last week.

True encourages readers to grow their own organic veggies, raise bees and chickens, and make their own beer, wine, cheese and honey. From this can be culled the makings for a one-block feast. Not covered is how one makes cheese when one doesn’t have a cow within a block of one’s house . . . but one can find out the possible answers, and more, at