.Evan Davis

Mar 24, 2021

Best Place To Get on a God’s Good Side: Goatlandia

Sonoma County: the seat of Wine Country, a rich and talented theater scene and a vibrant and knowledgeable agricultural community, all of which get...
Mar 24, 2021

Best Place To Catch a Romantic Buzz

Born in the summer of ’93, I barely missed out on the “Just Say No” campaign I’ve heard so much about. But I can...
Mar 24, 2021

Best Place To Confuse Your Local Vegan

Did you know figs technically aren’t vegan? Living around here, and especially in this given day and age, we all know more and more foods...
Mar 24, 2021

Best Way To Make Childhood Memories Way More Badass

For me, like for many of us, the prospect of graduating from high school and entering the “real world” stirred up its fair share...