.Best Place for Losing Your Child(ren)

Windsor Bowling Center

With the boom of hand sanitizer sales since 2020, public pools probably seem less like a great place to take the kids and more like big mugs of human tea, steeped with the armpits, hoo-has and jelly beans of total strangers.

But what those places have going for them is the idea of adult swim, and that’s why I’ve always loved coming to Windsor Bowling Center. It’s got lots of colors, things that sparkle, a full bar complete with doors to keep out kids and a whole lot to do: bowling, blacklight mini golf and an escape room—tons of perfectly viable reasons to say how the little scamp or scamps got away from you.

If that ain’t enough, my sister dropped off my nephew here once for a birthday party but got her days mixed up. When she got her calendar right, it was six hours later. She comes in all manic thinkin’ she just Home Aloned him, but there he was, up at the bar nursing a free root beer.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

So looks like they have a Lost & Found system in place.

They’re prepared for you taking some time for yourself, so take advantage, I say. — E.D.


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