.Best Place to Contemplate the Passage of Time…With Chicken

Humanity Wellness Dispensary, Santa Rosa

Time doesn’t slow down. Not for a single one of us. One day, you’re a young, hopeful, real bright-eyed son of a bitch, then tomorrow becomes today, becomes yesterday, last week, then suddenly you’re 35 at the grocery store and the bag boy calls you “sir.”

I think that’s why I get drawn here to Humanity Wellness Dispensary. Location’s key, right? And this place is, like, dead center on a leyline nexus of “Where the hell is life going for any of us?”

Humanity’s great (the weed shop, I mean; people are still TBD), but they’re couched right next to the grown-over plot of land that was, once upon a time, home to K-Mart before wildfire had its way with the place like a pack of preschoolers raiding an unattended candy cart.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

No irony then that Goodwill patiently lurks in the background, like a living reminder of futility that hungers for the resale value in the memories of your late grandmother’s keepsakes.

It’s almost enough to keep a guy from getting out of bed.

But El Pollo Loco is right next door, and few things give life meaning like one of their quesadillas. — E.D.


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