.Best Place to Contemplate the Passage of Time…With Chicken

Humanity Wellness Dispensary, Santa Rosa

Time doesn’t slow down. Not for a single one of us. One day, you’re a young, hopeful, real bright-eyed son of a bitch, then tomorrow becomes today, becomes yesterday, last week, then suddenly you’re 35 at the grocery store and the bag boy calls you “sir.”

I think that’s why I get drawn here to Humanity Wellness Dispensary. Location’s key, right? And this place is, like, dead center on a leyline nexus of “Where the hell is life going for any of us?”

Humanity’s great (the weed shop, I mean; people are still TBD), but they’re couched right next to the grown-over plot of land that was, once upon a time, home to K-Mart before wildfire had its way with the place like a pack of preschoolers raiding an unattended candy cart.

No irony then that Goodwill patiently lurks in the background, like a living reminder of futility that hungers for the resale value in the memories of your late grandmother’s keepsakes.

It’s almost enough to keep a guy from getting out of bed.

But El Pollo Loco is right next door, and few things give life meaning like one of their quesadillas. — E.D.


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