.Best Place to Put Your Trust in the Strong Hands of a Stranger

Jessie Jing’s Massage Therapy, Santa Rosa

“You seem pretty extra chill today, Uncle Eric,” remarks my nephew.

“Well Kyle,” I reply, “that’s because before your mom dropped you off with me today, I was at Jessie Jing’s on 5th Street in Santa Rosa.”

“What’s that?”

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

“It’s a massage place. Haven’t had a massage in years, but it was worth it. They start with your feet—it’s called ‘reflexology.’ And I was worried, you know because I broke my toe when I was a few years older than you, and it never quite healed right. But that man could read my body like a book. Knew which piggies to pop and where to stop.”

“Right…okay, well…”

“Yep, then he rolled me over, started workin’ my back with his elbow. God, haven’t known bliss like that in ages. His inner thigh brushed my shoulder at one point, and I was in such a state of zen-like relaxation, he could have been tea-bagging the back of my head and I wouldn’t have cared one bit. Not one bit! So yeah, very chill. You should try it when you’re, ah, older.”




— E.D.


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