.Best Place for a Little Poke and Tickle

Phillips Family Dental Care, Santa Rosa

I was raised in a pretty strict Catholic household, which just means that as an adult I take my pleasures where I can find them. Sometimes that means finding them where others are afraid to look. When I go to my dentist’s office, Phillips Family Dental Care, it’s about more than just my teeth.

The little bib they give you? I’m not above a little humiliation; take me down a peg.

Nick me with that scraper thing and ask, “Did that hurt?” You bet it did. Give it to me.

“Good. Rinse, and…now spit.” If Daddy says so.

Financial dom more your thing? I get it, part of why I go out-of-market for this.

And with Sam’s For Play Cafe right across the street—ha! Match made in Heaven. More like the “Foreplay Cafe,” am I right?

“Someone hasn’t been flossing.” That’s right, I’ve been bad. Now what’re you gonna do about it? — E.D.


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