.Best Place to Luxuriously Ferment Yourself in Cedar (and How to Do It at Home)

Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

Before you ask why I, along with 900 other souls this month, have journeyed all the way to Freestone in a strangely popular pilgrimage to bury ourselves in a bath of fermented wood chips, I’ll say this: It’s been a rough year, I’m eternally stressed and DIY self-care at home just isn’t cutting it—but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The pre-fermentation tea service at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary was peaceful as all hell; I sipped away my worries in the tea garden room and apprecia-tea’d the limbo zone between unmitigated stress and unadulterated bliss. Drink done, my spa attendant beckoned I follow.

“Abandon every soap, you who enter,” they told me at the doorway, which I found peculiar but ultimately harmless in the grand scheme of things. What followed (also peculiar and more helpful than harmless) were the singular sensations that come from burying oneself into a biologically heated, enzyme-packed, weighted blanket-feeling bath filled to the brim with steaming fermented cedar.

I don’t really remember what happened after that, though the general consensus from those present for my first cedar bath at Osmosis was this: The moment I relaxed into the bath and let the weight of the wood cover me to my shoulders, I (allegedly) sighed, then wept, then openly, overtly and loudly wailed for my mother (again, allegedly) before going completely limp and spending my remaining time mumbling about the glory of transcension. However, all I remember was feeling warm and relaxed, so who’s to say?

Twenty minutes of (rumored) ego-death later, I emerged a changed woman, wrapped in a fluffy towel and thoroughly fermented. I returned home with a plan, which brings us back to the mention of DIY at the beginning of this tale…long story short, I rented a wood chipping machine, felled a cedar tree and stuck it all in a kiddie pool along with a 36-pack of Pabst.

Take it from me—the North Bay’s best of health, beauty and wellness, Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, does it better than a single person with a wood chipper and a dream ever could.

Osmosis Day Spa and Sanctuary is located at 209 Bohemian Hwy. in Freestone. Visit osmosis.com for more information. — I.C.


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