August 25-31: Across the Bridge

Bob Dylan

No advance tickets, no service fees, just line up outside with $60 cash. Cool.

Aug 25 at the Warfield.Boris

Japans’ loudest, heaviest power trio of stoner metal.

Aug 26 at the Great American Music Hall.John Zorn

Historic residency with Terry Riley, Mike Patton, Fred Frith and others.

Aug 26-28 at Yoshi’s SF.Kelly Stoltz

San Francisco’s own analog songwriter celebrates new album on Sub Pop.

Aug 27 at the Hemlock Tavern.Chemical Brothers

Beats still rocking the block 15 years later.

Aug 28 at the Fox Theater.Juliana Theory

Reunion tour threatens / promises to be the emo kingpins’ last ever.

Aug 29 at the Independent.For more events listings, see

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