Aug. 28: Farewell Party at the Black Cat

And so it’s over. Eight years of the wild scene at the Black Cat come to an end this weekend at a closing party on Saturday. No more “gutter nights.” No more stiff drinks (without cutesy names, thanks). No more pool-table-on-wheels being pushed out of the way to make room for whatever band from whatever state happens to be setting up. No more smokers making plans for fornication in the alley. No more begging for a place to stay afterward. No more impromptu shows by the 2 Live Crew. No more drunken orders from Humble Pie. No more stapling bras and dollar bills to the ceiling. No more lesbians bumping and grinding with truckers bumping and grinding with stockbrokers bumping and grinding with waitresses. Well, after this weekend, at least. Get there early. It’ll be packed. Saturday, Aug. 28, at the Black Cat. 10056 Main St., Penngrove. All day. 707.793.9480.

Sonoma County Library