August 1: JD’s Birthday Party at the Black Cat

Now that the Black Cat in Penngrove has been sold—set to be renamed and restyled—chances to drink beer under the bar’s famous bras are sadly limited. This Sunday, it’s longtime Black Cat bartender JD’s birthday party with 12 bands, including the Crux, Echodyne, the Flyover States, the Publiquors, and JD’s own bands Box Office Poison and Sapphire. Every act has been asked to cover a certain Pogues song, culminating in a gigantic birthday and farewell sing-along at the end. Start kissing goodbye to the place—there’s only a month left—on Sunday, Aug. 1, at the Black Cat. 10056 Main St., Penngrove. 3–11:30pm. Free. 707.793.9480.