July 24: Rivertown Revival at Steamer Landing Park

What do we do when the economy is bad? Historically, we dress up, put on a brave face and pretend that everything’s glamorous (see: art deco, The Great Gatsby, swing dancing). These days, we’re more likely to dress down and rehash the roles of our Depression-addled ancestors while accepting the fact that everything is ruined. But we have fun doing it! Enter the Rivertown Revival, a let’s-pretend-we’re-broke event celebrating Petaluma’s heritage with art-boat races, floating river sculptures, food, music and more. It might seem like the Handcar Regatta on water, but event organizers promise it’ll be “less steampunk, more Tom Sawyer.” Music, of course, is in great supply, with Arann Harris and the Greenstring Farm Band, El Radio Fantastique, Baby Seal Club, Old Jawbone, Hillside Fire, Eli Jebidiah, the Crux and more on Saturday, July 24, at Steamer Landing Park, Petaluma. 11:30am–6pm. Free. 707.763.775.

Sonoma County Library