A-to-Z Bills

As promised, an update on a bunch of bills under consideration in Sacramento

Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro’s shellfish resolution would help build the state’s aquaculture industry. It awaits a committee vote June 17. (AJR 43)

Bicycle taxes in a bill by Sen. Mark DeSaulnier would fund trails with a new tax. It pedaled to the Assembly May 29. (SB 1183)

Campaign-finance reform was tackled by Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, whose resolution has been languishing in committee since April. (HR 37)

Dogs in restaurants! Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada’s bill would let localities welcome dogs in alfresco areas. Keep your paws crossed as the Senate considers it. (AB 1965)

Electric cars are coming, and your landlord has to help set up a charging station, per a bill from Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi. It sped to the Senate last week. (AB 2565)

Fish identification at the grocer’s can be a little . . . fishy. Sen. Alex Padilla would mandate the labeling of yer lingcod. It swam through the Senate, 36–0. (SB 1138)

GMO labeling struck out.
Sen. Noreen Evans’ bill failed by two freaking votes. (SB 1381)

Hound-dog hunting for bears is a pet issue of Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, whose attempt to overturn a ban on dogs-hunting for bears failed. (AB 2205)

Immigration was taken up by Assemblyman Luis Alejo, who would end the deportation of tax-paying immigrants. His bill has yet to cross the border out of the Assembly. (AB 2014)

Juvenile justice initiatives include Assemblywoman Nora Campos’ inclusion of youth in corrections programs. But it’s been incarcerated in the Senate since May 8. (AB 1920)

Low-income persons can thank Yamada for her bill offering water-bill help. Her bill flowed out of the Assembly and headed to the Senate. (AB 1434)

Marijuana-dispensary laws are a mess, and Sen. Lou Correa created a single set of state regs in a bill that passed the Senate last week and awaits a toke in the lower chamber.

Naloxone’s known to save addicts, and Assemblyman Richard Bloom’s bill makes it easier to access the drug. There’s a Senate hearing June 9. (AB 1535)

Oil vey! Sen. Holly Mitchell’s fracking moratorium bill failed to make it out of the Senate last week. (SB 1132)

Paid sick leave is the subject of a bill from Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, which passed May 29. Your turn, senators. (AB 1522)

Reverse mortgages prey on the elderly and Jose Medina offered an Assembly bill to reform the practice. It passed; a Senate hearing was scheduled for June 4. (AB 1700)

Sen. Bill Monning wants to slap a warning on your soda, and his bill passed the Senate last week, 21–13. This Coke’s for you, Assembly. (SB 1000)

Trafficking in humans: bad. A Senate bill would impose a three-day jail bid for johns. It passed May 27 and awaits a happy ending in the Assembly. (SB 1388)

Unsafe handguns include semiautomatic and single-shot pistols in Roger Dickinson’s bill adding the weapons to a state registry. The Assembly agreed and sent the bill to a Senate committee for a June 10 shootout. (AB 1964)

X-rated actors would have to engage in safer-sex practices under a bill from Assemblywoman Isadore Hall. A 48–13 vote sent it over the hump to the Senate. (AB 1576)

Ziplines at Yountville veteran’s home prompted Yamada’s bill to regulate the state VA. Her bill zipped through the Assembly
May 28. (AB 1580)