Yankees Cap Guy on Todd Road Overpass

We’d gotten a call about the wheatpaste mural freshly slapped up on the Todd Road exit sign—speculation ranged from it being a Bansky piece in the wake of his maybe-it-is-maybe-it-isn’t presence in the Mission District over the weekend to an homage to some forgotten ballplayer. Either way, I knew I had to drive down and check it out.

Well, it isn’t Banksy, naturally, but it’s still pretty great. It’s “Yankees Cap Guy,” by Hugh Leeman, an SF-based street artist whose work can be seen here. The Yankees Guy is Leeman’s trademark, and he’s put it up all over the world, from SF to Brooklyn to Tel Aviv to Bogota to Varanasai to London to Palestine. What was he doing in Santa Rosa? Who knows?

Sonoma County Library