Will leaving nudists alone cause cancer?

Not according to Christina DiEdoardo.
The San Francisco-based lawyer doesn’t just sport a friendly emoticon on her LinkedIn page, she’s also defending your right to be naked in San Francisco before a federal judge.

Nude, or nevernude?

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  • Nude, or nevernude?

According to an article published yesterday by the Chronicle, the case challenges an ordinance scheduled to go into effect on Feb. 1. If publicly shedding your drawers is an important part of your life, you can still do so at events permitted for nakedness, like the Folsom Street Fair and Bay to Breakers.
This court case raises many questions like the one above, only hinted at in the Chronicle’s coverage. Is public nakedness a form of political expression? Is it a form of artistic expression? Should we revisit the idea of a naked mayor? What about a naked city council? Would their hands need to be visible at all times?
You can read more about the history of balls-out…um…ness in SF here.