What Would a Psychopath Do?


Did you know that 1 in 25 bosses have psychopathic tendencies? Actually, that sounds about right. The information comes from a new book by psychologist Kevin Dutton, The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success.

The book also lists the top ten jobs with the highest rate of psychopaths.

1. Chief Executive Officer
2. Lawyer
3. Media (Television/Radio)
4. Salesperson
5. Surgeon
6. Journalist
7. Police officer
8. Clergy person
9. Chef
10. Civil servant

I’m particularly interested in the reasoning behind #6, and not at all surprised by the the job that takes the #1 spot. Corporations were already diagnosed legally insane way back in 2003!

It’s comforting to see that only one of these career paths allows for the legal use of gun power. Though it might make you think twice about getting surgery.

According to SF Gate, Smithsonian magazine makes it appear that psychopaths actually make nice neighbors and maybe even drinking buddies.

“Psychopaths don’t procrastinate,” the Smithsonian reports. “Psychopaths tend to focus on the positive. Psychopaths don’t take things personally; they don’t beat themselves up if things go wrong, even if they’re to blame. And they’re pretty cool under pressure.”

I’m definitely bringing a psychopath along the next time I go on a high-stress adventure filled with eminent danger. Oh wait. As a journalist, I don’t have to since I bring the psychopathic danger zone to all the parties.

The list of professions with the lowest rate of psychopaths is good too.
1. Care aide
2. Nurse
3. Therapist
4. Craftsperson
5. Beautician or stylist
6. Charity worker
7. Teacher
8. Creative artist
9. Doctor
10. Accountant

Seriously, craftsperson totally makes sense. What’s more relaxing than constructing macrame plant holders and God’s Eyes while wearing a knitted vest? Absolutely nothing. Hmmm, might be time to run out and get a loom to balance out all the psychopathic tendencies inherent in the newspaper business.

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