.Leilani Clark

Oct 15, 2014

Fight of Our Lives

Capitalism is on a death ride, and it's taking all of us with it. So argues Naomi Klein in her new book This Changes...
Sep 3, 2014

Community in Transition

Sonoma County is known for its posh wineries, natural beauty and upscale living. But in the midst of this affluence is Roseland, an urban,...
Jul 2, 2014

Market Solutions

Step off Sebastopol Road into Mekong Market, and the first thing you see is a crate of fresh-cut herbs beside a fruit stand filled...
Mar 19, 2014

Writers Picks: Everyday

Best Green in Sonoma County The future is green. That's not glib wishful thinking, it's a cold fact. As we burn through natural resources such as...
Mar 19, 2014

Writers Picks: Family

Best Hint That the Future Might Be Better Than the Past for Our LGBT Elders When plans were first announced years ago to establish...
Mar 19, 2014

Writers Picks: Romance

Best Wedding Everyone Can Attend in Their Underwear Imagine an online world (turn away now if you're already lost) that's part Sims, part Minecraft and...
Mar 5, 2014

Decarceration Nation

For most people, the idea of abolishing prisons is right up there with colonizing Mars—a far-out concept torn straight from a science-fiction novel. But...
Feb 26, 2014

Affordable Health Care Angst

Like many Californians, late last year "Michelle," a self-employed Santa Rosa resident (her name was changed to preserve her anonymity), found herself navigating the...