A west Sonoma County nonprofit group is seeking volunteers tohelp plant redwood trees in four separate locations throughout theWest County area. Forest Unlimited, a 501c3 based in Cazadero, isplanning two planting days, Friday–Saturday, Jan. 9–10.Volunteers are encouraged to attend, regardless of their plantingskills, and even if they can only help for half the day.

Approximately 1,500 two-year-old bare-root redwood seedlingswill be planted over the course of both days for reforestation anderosion control. The sites for planting include Sunset BeachRegional Park, Steelhead Beach Regional Park, Shone Farm and St.Dorothy’s Rest. On each day, volunteers will meet at 9am, with abreak for lunch, and with work ending around 4:30pm. At leasttwo-dozen volunteers are needed.

Forest Unlimited Board president Larry Hanson says thatvolunteers require no special skills, although navigating steepterrain is a plus. “We had a great turnout last year,” Hanson says,”and it’s a wonderful thing to do for the New Year. It’s some verybeautiful property, and there’s usually a nice little mist in themorning.”

The Jan. 9 planting will focus on St. Dorothy’s Rest, anEpiscopal retreat center and camp of the Diocese of Californialocated near Camp Meeker. Jan. 10 will see planting at the countyparks and at Shone Farm, the agricultural educational facility ofthe Santa Rosa Junior College. Lunch is provided to volunteers,with vegetarian options available.

The redwood seedlings, about 18 inches high, come from theCalifornia Department of Forestry and are easy to plant. Alllocations are protected by either an easement or land trust, so”after we spend all this time and effort to plant trees,” Hansonsays, “we can be sure they’re going to be around for a while.” Tovolunteer, call project manager Carl Wahl at 707.874.9268.

Volunteers are also needed for the annual gala benefit for anonprofit that serves the mental health needs of Sonoma County.Moon Over Mardi Gras raises funds for Family Service Agency, whichprovides low-cost mental health services to families andindividuals. The Family Service Agency has been in existence since1966.

Moon Over Mardi Gras features live music and both a live andsilent auction. Young volunteers are needed to help set up andserve food. It takes place March 28 at the Friedman Center in SantaRosa. To volunteer, call Shan Magnuson at 707.545.4551, ext.211.

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