A funny pilgrim on a crazy crusade
A saucy chaucer, a sorry chapter mislaid
Whittled with an Exacto knife
Plum right through my load-bearing wall
I’m horrified now that I could do such a thing
But I thought I saw the singer

I’ve heard those chimes so many other times
But if I gave in, it had to have been
I whupped it out, and destroyed my selfish cocoon
Since I gave in, it had to have been
Since I gave in, I hope it had to have been

I’m not an optimist, I’m not a realist
I might be a sub-realist, but I can’t substantiate
It was bigger than me and I felt like a sick child
Dragged by a donkey through the myrtle

“Myrtle,” by Vic Chesnutt, 1964-2009.

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