The Wurst Possible News

The red cabbage nearly fell off my fork when the waiter gave the unbelievable news that Café Europe was calling it a day. After two decades and three different locations in Sonoma County, the popular German-Austrian restaurant, a heavenly slice of Bavaria that has been run by chef Robert Buchshachermair and host Herbert Zacher, is smoking its last brat, for now.

Looking ahead to retirement, chef and host both have marked Mother’s Day as their last in business, though they still hold the lease on their Rincon Valley location for four more years. A new chef and a new concept will be filling the space, but details on the new venture are unclear. What’s known is that the new chef will have huge shoes to step into, as Café Europe has consistently been one of Santa Rosa’s most beloved spots to dine.

I’m going to miss that red cabbage and the sauerkraut, the grilled Swiss sausages, the spaetzle, the schnitzel, the sauerbraten and the pork shank, not to mention the liter mugs of Pilsner.

I’m going to miss it all!

Café Europe is located in the St. Francis shopping center, 104 Calistoga Road, Santa Rosa. Open Wednesday–Saturday, 11:30am–2:30pm, and 4:30–8:45pm; Sunday 4:30–7:45pm. Reservations recommended. 707.538.5255.