The Guerneville Flood Project: Candy Turner

This is the photo that started it all, and inspired us to begin this project. Sitting on a mattress at the Santa Rosa Vets Building, with a newspaper, a bottle and some cots nearby, is a new mother holding her baby. Displaced from her Guerneville home by the flood and awaiting whatever future may come, the young mom looks undeterred; the baby, oblivious.This woman’s name is Candy Turner, and we’ve tried to Google it—to no avail. She would be almost 50 by now, we’re guessing. The baby would be 26 or 27. Does anyone remember Candy Turner? And where is that wide-eyed baby now?Let us know in the comments below.The Guerneville Flood Project is a week-long dive into the photo archives of the North Bay Bohemian. Read about the project here, and view more 1986 Guerneville Flood photos by clicking here.

Sonoma County Library