Tell Santa Rosa How to Spend $50,000


Santa Rosa is organizing a public art master plan, and has released a survey to receive public input for recommendations. That doesn’t sound particularly exciting until it’s translated into layman’s terms: the city has $50,000 in grant money to play with, and wants to know what you think should be done with it.

These surveys are taken seriously. They’re presented to the city council and real decisions are made based on the information. If more people participate in the survey, it shows the government that this is something people care about, and may have an affect in what our elected officials focus their attention.

Here’s why you should participate: without significant public input, Santa Rosa ends up with “California Cornucopia” and a generic, whimsical drawing as its logo for tourism. Maybe it’s because I’m from here, but that looks pretty lame. I don’t think it represents the city at all (but maybe that’s not the point). Take five minutes to show support for the art that will be in the city, because when those tourists get here, we want them to know what we’re really about.